Gracilis Bamboo – Bambusa textilis gracilis

Gracilis Bamboo is a classic beautiful tropical looking bamboo which grows very vertical and will suit many positions and is the only clumping bamboo that will block out a two storey window without getting too big around the base.

Gracilis Bamboo is non invasive or a clumping type of bamboo which is very hardy, fast growing and versatile.

Without doubt Gracilis Bamboo is the most popular of all the varieties of bamboo used in landscaping design projects due to its ability to screen without requiring a large planting area or width of air space.

Gracilis Bamboo is a brilliant plant for use in tight restricted areas along walls, between hard structures and is favoured in residential landscaping designs.

It will reach a height of 5 to 6 metres tall and is a brilliant screening plant which suits narrow spaces between houses or in restricted areas besides pools or in garden beds.

Gracilis Bamboo has a delicate type of foliage and looks absolutely brilliant when viewed through modern type external glass walls and in lush tropical inspired courtyards.