Ghost Bamboo – Dendrocalamus minor amoneous

Ghost Bamboo is a magnificent stunningly beautiful ornamental clumping bamboo which brings a tropical feel to any garden with its large drooping leaves.

Ghost Bamboo is non invasive or known as a clumping type of bamboo, it is very fast growing and will create a dense screen of 4 metres in 2 years.

Ghost Bamboo is one of the world’s most beautiful tropical looking bamboos and is also one of the easiest to grow it will reach between 4 to 7 metres tall and is ideal for use in screening large buildings or for softening areas in a landscape.

It is one of the most hardy and forgiving bamboo plants which will flourish in any region of Australia as it is frost tolerant.

Ghost Bamboo will handle frosts, droughts and heatwaves and provides an automatic ornamental appeal to residential or commercial projects.

Ghost Bamboo is extremely tough and can handle poor soil conditions and with its large leaves it is perfect for use in the cooler regions of Australia as it provides a tropical feel to a landscape project throughout the year.