Cycas Revoluta

The Cycas revoluta or commonly known as the Sago Palm originating from Japan and China is used extensively throughout the world as a brilliant landscaping plant as it is not only truly beautiful but is frost and drought tolerant.

The Sago Palm is extremely slow growing however their trunks have been known to grow to a height of 5 to 7 metres and some older specimens are well over 100 years of age.

The Cycas revoluta is the most popular of all the cycads as it has a beautiful old world or prehistoric look about it and works superbly as a statement plant in garden beds or as an under planting in subtropical and modern landscapes.

Large specimens of Sago Palms when displayed in quality landscape designs have the ability to really distinguish and make grand statements in both domestic and commercial garden settings.

With the increased use of large pebble or rock in modern type drought resistant garden designs the Cycas revoluta is a plant that works beautifully in these new type of garden designs.

The increased use of glass pool fencing and in external walls of both residential and commercial projects has led to a further upsurge in uses for the beautiful Sago Palm as they are slow growing and look spectacular when planted near glass as they are truly an exotic plant.

The Cycas revoluta is best planted as an outdoor plant however beautiful specimens can be grown in pots and urns and they can look extremely elegant when used as visual enticing entrance plants.