Grass Tree or Black boy

The Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea johnsonii or commonly known as blackboy is a uniquely Australian exotic plant with 28 species of Grass Trees growing within Australia.

Grass Trees have a very delicate root system and over the years of planting in various temperature zones throughout Australia we at Plant Perfection have found the species Xanthorrhoea johnsonii to be not only truly spectacular in appearance but hardy enough to endure transplant shock.

Grass Trees are very slow growing and a tree with a 1 metre trunk could be in the vicinity of 100 years old depending on the water and available mineral content of the soil the tree has been growing within.

Grass trees look absolutely spectacular in paved court yards, rock garden beds, centre driveway positions and particularly around the pool. The increased incorporation of drought resistant type plants in modern landscapes has benefited a greater use of Grass Trees in landscapes, however care must be taken in choosing a reputable supplier.

A good sized specimen planted in a well defined landscaping design will add value and prestige to a residential or commercial project however a Grass Tree sourced from an unprofessional supplier will make a sad statement in relationship to the acquirement and planting procedures.

The Grass tree is unique in that they can have a black burnt looking single, double or even triple header or multi trunk which contrasts beautifully with their fine fountain like foliage.

As the Grass tree is very slow growing it is necessary to install good sized specimens in order to create instant landscaping appeal.

At Plant Perfection we only deal with reputable suppliers of Grass trees and due to our buying power and position in the marketplace we are able to secure the absolute best specimens for our valued customer base.