Black Bamboo – Phyllostachys nigra

Black Bamboo is a spectacular looking plant with its small dark green leaves complimenting the jet black culms or stems.

Black Bamboo is a running variety of Bamboo so it must be controlled by a root barrier such as purpose built planter pot.

In the past landscape designers have been hesitant to use the immensely beautiful black bamboo in residential and commercial landscape projects due to a fear of the plant taking over or running amok.

Black Bamboo is without doubt the most beautiful of all the various types of bamboo, however as long as planter pots are well designed to contain the root system spectacular conversation evoking creations can be achieved.

If a dramatic beautiful statement is required in a courtyard or in a glass type scenario this is the bamboo to create a truly exotic centre piece.

Its dramatic stunning appearance can be magnificently displayed beside a pool or in many visual enhancing positions.

Black Bamboo will grow between 3 to 8 metres tall and prefers some partial shade.