Bamboo Info

At Plant Perfection we supply 4 main varieties of Bamboo which are all very hardy and create spectacular visual results when planted in cohesion with the client’s desire and matched by the bamboos growing requirements and characteristics.

Bamboo has a fear associated with its name in relationship to its use in general landscaping situations due to the use of running type varieties in unsuitable locations.

There are 2 main forms of Bamboo commonly known as clumping or running varieties.

At Plant Perfection we only supply 1 type of running Bamboo the spectacular captivating looking black bamboo.

After years of planting and subsequent trialing of different varieties of Bamboo in landscape situations and in different temperature zones throughout Australia the team at Plant Perfection is able to create spectacular visual results in both residential and commercial projects due to its intimate knowledge of Bamboo.

Bamboo is a brilliant plant adding a sub tropical feeling to an environment whilst being ideal for screening and visual softening.