Yucca elephantipes

Yucca elephantipes originating from Mexico is a superb landscaping plant with its evergreen bold sword shaped leaves.

The Yucca with its striking foliage makes a dramatic defining architectural statement when planted as a single feature, in pairs, rows or as a contrast plant against sub tropical broad leaved plants.

The Yucca is a hardy plant and very drought resistant ideal for use in courtyards and around pools especially when a Mediterranean styled landscape influence is desired.

Yuccas look exotic and tropical and have a modern style and work extremely well as a low maintenance stylish screen along slat rock and rendered walls and in purpose built garden pot enclosures.

It is a perfect plant for Australia, tolerating extremely cold to extremely hot climates and requires minimal watering especially in winter.

With the increased use of large pebble or rock in modern type drought resistant garden designs the Yucca is a plant that works beautifully in these new type of garden designs.

Yuccas have become extremely popular in both modern commercial and residential landscape designs as they are extremely low maintenance and can tolerate poor to average soil conditions.