Oldhamii – Bambusa oldhamii

Oldhamii Bamboo known as giant timber bamboo or Oldham's Bamboo is a large species of bamboo originating from Taiwan and mainland China.

Oldhamii Bamboo can grow up to 12 metres tall and up to 3 metres across the base, whilst it is a clumping or non invasive type of bamboo it would not be suitable for tight restricted spaces.

This type of bamboo is bested suited to large residential type blocks and is used extensively in commercial type landscaping projects.

This bamboo is a great specimen plant and an effective hedge for blocking second story windows and commercial buildings from view with its large very dark green leaves.

Oldhamii Bamboo provides useful, strong, straight timber and is perfect for windbreaks, noise barriers and screens.

When a large wall or building up to 4 storeys in height is to be concealed this is the bamboo to do the job.

A frost tolerant plant Oldhamii Bamboo performs well in temperate climates and has been used worldwide and is treasured for its tall straight timber.